Simple Sound Recording for Your Applications

Does your Java application need voice/sound input?  Java Sound Recorder is a simple
Java implementation of the familiar Windows Sound Recorder.  It's released in the
hope that it will be useful.

The Java Sound Recorder uses software libraries from
JavaZoom and

Usage: Just one way you might use JSRecorder in your own application.

   import com.CustomMedia.SoundRecorder.*;
      try {
              JSRecorder recorder = new JSRecorder(File tempDir);
              recorder.addFileRecordedListener(new FileRecordedListener() {
                                       public void fileRecorded(FileRecordedEvent event) {
                                                   if(event.getRecordedFile() != null) {
                                                           System.out.println("Recorded a new file: " +
      } catch(Exception e) {

Screen shot: Shown using the SkinLF Aqua theme (not part of the distribution)


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